Facebook Applications

Application Candy for your Joomla...

If you have a Joomla or Jomsocial powered website, you should definitely have your own facebook application to gather fans, increase drastically your website visits, share your articles, news or products and better yet, collect some serious cash selling your products online inside facebook.

Developed Facebook Applications

  • metro
  • zaaam
  • api
  • techgasp
  • castingstar
  • gamegasp
  • pma
  • josefskirkja
  • saumakona
  • vietnam

We want to thank the website owners for permitting us to show the applications we developed, just a few examples.

Main characteristics of our Facebook Applications:

  • Https encrypted connection using a SSL certificate. Demanded by facebook and really useful if you are selling stuff.
  • Facebook Application connected to your facebook website fan page, snow ball effect.
  • Your Joomla articles or news are automatically posted into your facebook page in order to be shared and liked increasing your website visits, that's why facebook is viral.
  • Your Jomsocial public activity stream automatically posted into your facebook page... just watch your community grow.
  • The application allows users to login and register into your joomla or jomsocial website. Grab them right there.
  • The application can be custom developed to sell products, show catalogs, play games, display videos or music, display blog or news, etc. your imagination is the limit.
  • etc.
  • Don't wait a minute longer to start your own Joomla / Jomsocial facebook app.
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